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September Bears of the Month 9/30/2021

Western Grove School would like to recognize our September Bears of the Month.

Kindergarten through Third Grade:  Kimberlyn Williams, Kindergarten,  Madden Collins. 1st Grade; Mr. Billy Carter, Principal; Jude Marroquin, 2nd Grade, and Caleb Hudson, 3rd Grade.

Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade:  First Row:  Michael Foster, 4th Grade; and Sarah Flud, 5th Grade.  Second Row:  Sarah Garner, 6th Grade, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal; MaHaley Gilmore, 7th Grade, and Jake Zemlik, 8th Grade. 

Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade:  Cobie Chaney, 9th Grade, Holden Roland, 10th Grade, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, Shaley Cross, 11th Grade, and Jordyn Jackson, 12th Grade.

A video from today's lunchtime presentations will be posted to Facebook this afternoon.  A link to that will be provided on the school website after it has been posted. 

Thank you to the Harrison Kiwanis Club for providing prizes for the recipients.  Thank you to Mrs. Monique Thomas for recording today's assemblies.