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Vision Statement

Ozark Mountain School District will foster an environment where knowledge and excellence are valued and individuals become productive citizens. We believe that an environment emphasizing cooperation, trust, and commitment to improvement will provide the necessary tools for personal and career-oriented growth as we strive for life long excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ozark Mountain School District is to develop the necessary academic, artistic, and social skills for students to become responsible, productive citizens committed to lifelong learning in an ever-changing society.  Students share in this mission and must be encouraged by all administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to take advantage of the full range of educational opportunities made available. 



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Congratulation to our Bears of the Month for November!!
Kinder-Mason Simms / Kinsley Lewis
1st- Avery Hudson / Noah Tennison
2nd- Aztin Dillon / Ava Kay Sisco
3rd- Shaylee Zabawa / Jase Campbell
4th- Lynda Morrison / Sawyer Henthorne
5th- Kayden Garner / Talon McGuire
6th- Sarah Flud / Maelie Simms

Picture 1
Front row: Kinsley Lewis, Mason Sims, Noah Tennison, Avery Hudson, Shaylee Zabawa, Ava Kay Sisco, Aztin Dillon
Middle row: Kayden Garner, Sawyer Henthorne, Lynda Morrison, Jase Campbell
Back row: Talon McGuire, Maelie Sims, Sarah Flud

Sadey Woods
Madelin Lowery
Bentley Middleton
Jazmin Roulain

Senior Spotlight
Brooke Bwisa
Payton Sisco

Picture 2:
Bentley Middleton, Payton Sisco, Madelin Lowery, Brooke Bwisa, Jazmin Roulain, Sadey Woods

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K-6 October Bears of the Month: 
Front Row: J.J. Morrison-2nd; Lela Chism-2nd; Isaac Flud-1st; Mavis Gibson-1st; Garrett Criner-K; Alyson Swanson-Hoppis-K
Back Row: Bentlee Freeman-6th; Mya Morris-6th; Michael Foster-5th; Raylon Riddell-5th; Colter Martin-4th; Olivia Middleton-4th; Kenley Middleton-3rd; Allie Wheeler-3rd

7-11 Bears of the Month:
Alexis Henson-11th; Natalie Collins-7th; Maddy Waldon-8th; Lane Garner-10th

Staff of the Month:
K-3: Mrs. Kara Spencer, 
4-6: Mrs. Jessica Wheeler and Mrs. McKensey Flud
7-12: Mrs. Miranda Gilmore


Click here to read the spectator conduct policy adopted on 2/20/2020.

Grace Michelle Bradshaw

Parents: Brandon and Tracie Bradshaw 

Siblings: Dylan Bradshaw, Bailey Bradshaw, and Jayden Bradshaw 

First started at Western Grove School:  2nd Grade 

Fun Fact About Me:  I play the piano, and have taken Dance for most of my life. 

What will you miss most about being a BEAR? Seeing my classmates every day, who have really become like a family to me. 

Most influential person in your life?  I would have to say that the most influential people in my life are my parents. 

OMSD Faculty Shout Out: Shout out to Mr. Adkins for being the best math teacher ever!!!!

Michael Joseph Breer

Parents: Michael and Tara Breer 

Siblings: Amanda Anderson, Brandy Haze, Abbi Breer, Leah Breer 

First started at Western Grove School:  In Pre-school

Fun Fact About Me:  I really like music. 

What will you miss most about being a BEAR?  I will miss seeing my friends every day. 

Most influential person in your life?  The most influential person in my life would have to be my dad, I always seem to have a new outlook on whatever we talk about even if I don’t completely agree with him. 

OMSD Faculty Shout out:  My shout out is Mrs. Coy for always doing everything she can to help the students. 

Students painted pumpkins for Fun Friday Activities. Here are some pictures of the students and their finished products!
Great job Students!!
Pictured are Hannah Wheeler, Sadey Woods, Breann Samsel, Janessa Campbell, Sarah Garner, Natalie Collins, Angelena Henson, Annby Turley, Anny Stewart, and Shaley Cross. 
5th Grade turned their activity into a contest and here are the winners: 1st Place - Macy Middleton; 2nd place - Dillon Hollis; 3rd place - Kylen Hancock

Western Grove students recently attended a district Chess tournament at the OUR Coop. Daniel Riddell, Donnie Flud, Lane Garner, A.J. Riddell, and Harley Lea represented WG  well! Mr. Randy Adkins attended with them as well. Congratulations Gentlemen!!

OMSD Students recently attended Bobcat Days at College of the Ozarks. They visited with Deans, Department Chairs, and current students as well as toured campus buildings and residence halls. It was a fun trip!! Thank you to our OMSD Counselors, Mrs. Henthorne and Mrs. Gallagher, and Mr. Hudson for taking them up for the visit! 
Miss Arkansas Collegiate, Gracie Hilker, visited with Western Grove students on October 5th. She spoke to students about Bullying and Being BRAVE (Building Respect And Values for Everyone). The admin team also met with her. Pictured with Miss Arkansas Collegiate are Mr. Jess Knapp, SJ Principal; Mr. Billy Carter, WG Principal; Miss AR Collegiate, Gracie Hilker; Mrs. Nichole Cunningham, Federal Programs; Mr. Jeff Lewis, Superintendent; Mr. John McCleary, BP Principal. Thank you for your visit! 

Bear of the Month was held on Friday the 30th. K-6 Bears (front row, l to r): Bryor Summers-3rd; Ava Middleton-2nd; Hunter Campbell-2nd; Jaxon Hadley-1st; Kimberlyn  Williams-1st; Kovie Reeves-K; Jensen Hadley-K.
(Back row) Emily Wheeler-6th; Emma Tennison-6th; Trent Lopez-5th; James Satchel-5th; Annabelle Courtney-4th; Kingsley Middleton-4th.
Not pictured: Alexys Owen-3rd

Bears of the Month for High School: 
Holden Roland-11th, Dominick Campbell-11th; Sammie Riddell-8th; Noah Henson-9th. (2 students were chosen 7th-9th and 2 for 10-11)

Congratulations Bears!!!

**Seniors will be honored separately in a monthly Senior Spotlight.**

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Snow routes mean paved roads ONLY.  If you have any questions, contact your child's bus driver for more information about your specific route.  The implementation of snow routes will be announced on REMIND, local TV news and their websites, radio, Facebook, and Twitter.

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