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Vision Statement

Ozark Mountain School District will foster an environment where knowledge and excellence are valued and individuals become productive citizens. We believe that an environment emphasizing cooperation, trust, and commitment to improvement will provide the necessary tools for personal and career-oriented growth as we strive for life long excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ozark Mountain School District is to develop the necessary academic, artistic, and social skills for students to become responsible, productive citizens committed to lifelong learning in an ever-changing society.  Students share in this mission and must be encouraged by all administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to take advantage of the full range of educational opportunities made available. 

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Due to the Corona Virus situation, Ozark Mountain School District will not be in session Monday, March 16th-Friday, March 20th.  

Spring Break vacation will remain as planned.  

School will not be in session March 30-April 17.  When we hear something different from Governor, then this date will be updated.

Parents may call or text Mr. Saylors at 870-221-1000 to request assistance with meals for your children.

AMI Lessons for days 6-20 are now posted online.  More lessons will be added soon to go until at least 4/17.

3/19/2020:  Report cards will be mailed out this week.

Digital Learners and most ALE report cards will be mailed out after spring break.  You should be able to log into your accounts and see your current grades.

You may still purchase a yearbook by going to JostensYearbook.com and pay with a debit or credit card.  You may also call 877-767-5217 and speak to a Jostens representative to order over the phone.  

If we are back beginning March 30th, you may send your order to the school (Plain books - no personalization only, please.)  Order forms are on this website.  If we are not back before the April 17th deadline, you may mail payment to the school:  Western Grove School, Attention: Ms. Marshall, 300 School St., Western Grove, AR  72685.  If you mail in your order, please also email Ms. Marshall at mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us to confirm what you have ordered.  She can then reserve a book for you online.  

The forms are online on this website.  Deadline to order is May 1st.  Please be looking for pictures.  If you have a way to scan them while we are out of school, please do and send to Ms. Marshall at mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us.  

Click here for the Google Form to order lunches for next week.

Packets have been uploaded.  Go under the Student Activity Tab to print out what you need.  

This information is to be used in the event of us having to be out after spring break.  Go to the Student Activities tab on the website to find the codes for the assignments.

The Ozark Mountain School District has recently been approved for Alternative Method of Instruction.  AMI is to be used for up to five days missed due to inclement weather (snow days).  Students will be given a packet of work to take home.  In the event of the first missed day of school due to weather, the student will complete the assignments given for Day1 in each of the core areas (Math, English/Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science) and return the complete packet to the classroom teachers the next day that school is in session.  The student will get a grade, and it will not count as an absence.  If the student does not return the complete packet (all assignments) on the next day that school is in session, then the student will not get a grade and will be counted absent. Please keep both the completed assignments and the assignments for the other days in the packet.  Teachers will be checking to see if the unused assignments are in the packets.  On the next missed day, the student will complete the assignments for Day 2 and return the complete packet to the classroom teachers.  This will continue for each missed day up to five days. After five days, no additional packets will be handed out.  As a district, students will have to make up those snow days (Day 6 and beyond).  If students do not miss any school due to weather, then the work in the packets will not be required and will not be returned to the classroom teachers. Students will only be required to complete work for the number of days missed that are five or less.  If students work ahead, they do not turn in the work all at once.  No extra credit will be given for non-required assignments.

Students in Virtual Arkansas online classes and North Arkansas College online concurrent classes will continue on as normal.  If school is missed due to bad weather, Ms. Marshall will e-mail the director of Virtual Arkansas and Sarah Bing at North Arkansas College to pass the message on to the teachers that Western Grove students did not have school.  This will let the teachers know that some students who do not have internet at home could notwork on assignments during the snow days.

Students in classes at North Arkansas College Technical Center will need to find out via TV or the radio to see if North Arkansas College is having classes that day.  If you have to miss due to weather and North Arkansas College is having classes, be sure to pick up an orange card in the office to take to the Tech Center campus.  No school bus service will be available on days when OMSD is not having school.  If students can make it to class at the Tech Center, then no orange card will be needed.

If an assignment is lost, you may go to the student activities tab on this website and find the AMI Work Page.  You may download a copy of the assignment from that page.  

If your students are in need of a lunch any day this week, please call the school at 429-5215 between 9 am and 10 am.  Arrangements will be made for pick up or delivery, if needed.


If you need to be in communication with Ms. Marshall about scholarship/college information, please email her at mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us.

She will check her school email several times a day while we are out due to the COVID19 virus.  

Please check the counselor's website for new scholarship information during the time we are out of school.

As of today, March 16, 2020, the Arkansas Activities Association has enacted a dead period.  There shall be no practices of any kind at school.  This includes weight training and conditioning.  This will go on until March 30th, where at that time, the situation will be reassessed.  

3/16/2020:  As of noon today, all face to face classes at Northark Technical Center are cancelled until further notice.  Students are instructed to go on-line and check Canvas for instructions about classwork.  We will be sending out messages to the students through e-mail and MyNortharkAlerts.

All classes will be online.  Check your Canvas account and school emails for more information.

The April 4th ACT Test has been rescheduled.  ACT will send you an email explaining your options.

Click here for the March 2020 calendar.

Click here for the March Menus.

Click here to print out a senior ad information sheet and a yearbook order form.

Yearbooks must be preordered before April 17th.  No extras will be ordered.  Special price incentive if you order early.  

The price of the yearbook is $40 and the icons are $3 each with the purchase of the $6 personalization. 

Senior Ads must be ordered before May 1st.  Please submit as early as you can to Ms. Marshall.   

Individuals and businesses may purchase page sponsor ads in the 2020 Ozark Mountain Yearbook.  The price of the ad per page is $35.  You may purchase multiple page sponsor ads.  You may request a certain page, but you are not guaranteed a certain page if that has already been claimed by someone else.  If you request through Western Grove, then you will be guaranteed a Western Grove page if you wish until those are all claimed.  

For more information, contact Micki Marshall at mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us or 870-429-5215 x 403.  You may mail your payment to Western Grove School, 300 School St., Western Grove, AR  72685 or drop it by the office.  Preference of page locations will be given to those who purchase an ad by November 20th.  .  

Click here to read the spectator conduct policy adopted on 2/20/2020.

Click here to see the winners.

Kylee Smith won the elementary spelling bee and Skipper Bright was the runner up.

Click here for the list of winners.  The K-4 Spelling Bee will be Monday at 9:45 in the library.  The 5-8 Spelling Bee will be on Tuesday at 9:45 in the library.  The top two spellers from each class, the overall winner, and the overall runner-up will attend the county spelling bee in January.  

Click here to see the championship team photos.

Click here to see the picture.

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Junior Walker Robinson advanced to the semifinal round of the National FFA Talent Competition  in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Walker was ranked in the Top 15.  He was the only representative from the state of Arkansas competiting in the event.  Congratulations, Walker!

Click here for the 2019-20 Western Grove Warriors Basketball Schedule.

Students in grades 5-12 can pay for ala carte items during lunch.

Capri Sun  $.50

G2 $1.00

Switch Drink $1.00

Tea $1.25

Chips $.75

Crackers $.50

Rice Krispie Treat $.25

Fruit Roll Up $.50

Ice Cream $.75

The 2018-19 yearbooks are in. 

If you did not order one, but would like one, please e-mail Mrs. Terin Hollis at thollis@omsd.k12.ar.us.  You may also contact her at the concession stand during ballgames.   There are only a few extras.  The price of the extra yearbooks is $30.

All students in the Ozark Mountain School District will eat free this year.  Parents will still need to fill out the paperwork at the beginning of the school year.  

Click here for the 2019-2020 OMSD school calendar.

Click here for the handbook.

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Students are not allowed on campus before 7:30 am. 

The office is open from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm.


Click here to access the Titan School Solutions site.  You will have to make an account before your first use. After the account is made, you may use that link to login into your account.   You may still pay with cash or check at the school.  There is a $3 charge each time this system is used.

Ozark Mountain School District is on Facebook.

Western Grove School is on Facebook.

Western Grove School Twitter Handle:  @WGHSWarriors  

Western Grove School Technology Tool Site

Snow routes mean paved roads ONLY.  If you have any questions, contact your child's bus driver for more information about your specific route.  The implementation of snow routes will be announced on REMIND, local TV news and their websites, radio, Facebook, and Twitter.