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Vision Statement

Ozark Mountain School District will foster an environment where knowledge and excellence are valued and individuals become productive citizens. We believe that an environment emphasizing cooperation, trust, and commitment to improvement will provide the necessary tools for personal and career-oriented growth as we strive for life long excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ozark Mountain School District is to develop the necessary academic, artistic, and social skills for students to become responsible, productive citizens committed to lifelong learning in an ever-changing society.  Students share in this mission and must be encouraged by all administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to take advantage of the full range of educational opportunities made available. 

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The tournament moved to Wednesday, April 27th, to avoid incoming weather on Thursday.  The baseball team plays at 4pm and the softball girls play at 5:30 pm at Lead Hill.

Both teams automatically advance to the regional tournament next week in Harrison.

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Click here for the information for Kindergarten Registration.  

Western Grove Lady Bears were the 2022 Regional 1-A-1 Runner up.  They were defeated by the Kingston Lady Yellowjackets by a score of 52-49.

Western Grove will be the #2 seed and play #3 Westside Greer's Ferry on Saturday, March 5th, at 4pm.

The Western Grove Bears were defeated by Ozark Catholic by a score of 55-52 in overtime.  The Bears will be the #4 seed and will play #1 Marked Tree on Thursday, March 3rd at 5:30 pm.  

Western Grove Junior Bears - 2021-22 1-A East Conference and District Tournament Champions!

Congratulations to Coach Elvis Middleton and his team.

Congratulations to our Western Grove FBLA winners.  They will compete at State later this spring.

2nd Place: Grace Bradshaw - Personal Finance & Lane Garner - Introduction to Information Technology

3rd Place: Gage Shatwell - Securities & Investments

4th Place: Julius Lea - Computer Problem Solving

5th Place: Joseph Breer - Supply Chain Management & Makenah Surber - Healthcare Administration

The winners from Western Grove are in the second picture with the winners from Bruno Pyatt and St. Joe.

Please take the following broadband connectivity survey for your home internet service. The survey is for everyone, whether you have home internet service or not.
Direct link to the survey is here:

Agents Frankie Breedlove and Trae Autrey went to Western Grove School to present the Newton County Farm Bureau Players of the Month with a basketball. The recipients of this award are Macy Young and Keegan Middleton. Congratulations

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Congratulations to the Western Grove Lady Bears on winning the Arvest Tournament.  They defeated Flippin in the final. 

Coach Kelsey Hudson, Anny Stewart, Tara Yocham, Jordyn Jackson, Macy Young, Joshanna Middleton, Julissa Gonzales, and Coach Miranda Gilmore.  Not pictured: Jailyn Jackson.  

Photo Identification:  K-6 Bear of the Month / Terrific Kids: First Row:  Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, Jase Campbell - 2nd Grade, Bentlee Freeman - 5th Grade, and Natalie Collins - 6th Grade.  Second Row:  Noah Tennison - Kindergarten, Eli Garner - 3rd Grade, and Kayden Garner - 4th Grade.  Not pictured: Ava Kay Sisco - 1st Grade.

Photo Identification: 7-12 Bear of the Month / Terrific Kids: First Row: Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, Jacob Campbell - 9th Grade, and Harley Lea - 11th Grade.  Second Row: Lakyn Zabawa - 8th Grade, and Sydney Marshall - 10th Grade.  Not pictured: Skylar Roulain - 7th grade, and Keagan Ricketts - 12th Grade.


We would like to thank the Harrison Kiwanis Club for the Terrific Kids Certificates, bracelets, and food coupons to Dairy Queen.  

Students are nominated by their teachers or other school personnel based on their actions in the classroom.  A nomination does not necessarily mean that they have the highest grade in a class, but that they are a great citizen and try to do their best.  

The kindergarten Bear of the Month is such a great classmate.  He is always kind to everyone.  He is also very dependable.  Not only does he always finish his work in a timely manner, but he also does his best work.  This person was also nominated by another teacher with the reason that he is always eager to learn new things and is respectful to everyone.  The Kindergarten Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Noah Tennison

The first grade Bear of the Month is an amazing worker, even if it isn’t easy.  She is a friend to everyone and has a kind heart.  When others are upset, she is always there to help cheer them up.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Ava Kay Sisco

The second grade Bear of the Month is a joy to have in class and a great example to his peers.  He is a great friend to everyone and always tries his best at anything he puts his mind to.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Jase Campbell.  

The third grade Bear of the Month has been working hard on his lessons.  He has shown great improvement in his reading skills and is putting a lot of hard work into learning.  The third grade Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Eli Garner

The fourth grade Bear of the Month works hard in class.  He stays on task and participates in class discussions.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Kayden Garner.  

The fifth grade Bear of the Month is kind and works hard in class.  He is respectful and listens to instruction.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Bentlee Freeman.  

The sixth grade Bear of the Month always gives her best and always has a great attitude.  She always has a smile on her face.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Natalie Collins.

The seventh grade Bear of the Month is a respectful young lady.  She can be counted on to do her best and to help others as well.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Skylar Roulain.  

The eighth grade Bear of the Month is an awesome student.  She works hard and is eager to learn.  Her initiative is greatly appreciated.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Lakyn Zabawa.  

The ninth grade Bear of the Month is an outstanding student in my Ag classes.  Any time there is something that needs to be done, he is right there to help.  He has also worked hard to get better and insure he is the best at all the tasks in his class.  All this while helping the other students improve along the way.  He is involved with FFA and will be on the Forestry team this spring.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Jacob Campbell.  

The tenth grade Bear of the Month is a sharp student that can always be expected to put forth her best.  She is also willing to help others that need it.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Sydney Marshall.  

The eleventh grade Bear of the Month is having an excellent year.  He works hard and gives it his best.  He is a real joy to have in class.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Harley Lea.  

The twelfth grade Bear of the Month is definitely a first string student this year.  It is so nice to have him in class.  He contributes substantially to the class discussion.  His competitiveness is loved.  The November Bear of the Month Terrific Kid is Keagan Ricketts.  

Bears Livestream

Home games only.

For away games, check the school's Facebook page or look for a Youtube channel website for live streaming.

Click here for information on the 2021-22 The Bear Yearbook.

You can also order online and pay in full or installments at Jostens.com

It will come up as St. Joe on the website.  That is fine.  It will be separated out when the books arrive as to which school your student belongs.  

Prices are as follows:

Full Page: $200   Up to 12 pictures and a message.

Half Page: $100   Up to 6 pictures and a message.

1/4 Page: $50   Up to 3 pictures and a message.

You may submit photos electronically or drop them by the Western Grove School office and Ms. Marshall can scan them and immediately return them to you.  

Pages are limited, so please get your order in as soon as possible.

Micki Marshall - mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us

Omaha junior girls defeated the Western Grove Junior Lady Bears Monday night.  Omaha junior boys defeated Valley Springs to win the championship. 

Western Grove senior Jordyn Jackson was named the 2021-22 Ozark Mountain Homecoming Queen.

Freshman Kelly Middleton was named Western Grove Homecominghttp:// Princess.  Click the link below to see all of the pictures from the homecoming ceremony.  

Unedited Homecoming Ceremony

Unedited Homecoming Ceremony and Game Photos

Unedited Homecoming Pep Rally Photos

Edited Homecoming Court Individual Photos

If you have a junior or senior, plese sign up for my Remind groups.  For juniors, I will give information about when to register for the next ACT test and other information pertaining to juniors.

If you have a senior, I will include the above ACT information, plus all scholarship infomation and other information pertaining to seniors. 

Juniors:  Text 81010 with the message @g33Khhf

Seniors:  Text 81010 with the message @b73g837

To be approved, you must be listed as a parent or guardian of that student.  No others will be approved. 

There are extra yearbooks for sale on each campus for $40.

We will also have a table set up at the colors game if you wish to purchase one that night.  

All schools in the OMSD distrct will be selling season passes.  The pass is $65 per person and can be used at any OMSD home game.

Senior citizens 70 years and up and/or military veteran that would like to receive a pass may do so free of charge.

Please contact your school's office if you are interested.  

Click here to read the spectator conduct policy adopted on 2/20/2020.

Western Grove School would like to recognize our September Bears of the Month.

Kindergarten through Third Grade:  Kimberlyn Williams, Kindergarten,  Madden Collins. 1st Grade; Mr. Billy Carter, Principal; Jude Marroquin, 2nd Grade, and Caleb Hudson, 3rd Grade.

Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade:  First Row:  Michael Foster, 4th Grade; and Sarah Flud, 5th Grade.  Second Row:  Sarah Garner, 6th Grade, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal; MaHaley Gilmore, 7th Grade, and Jake Zemlik, 8th Grade. 

Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade:  Cobie Chaney, 9th Grade, Holden Roland, 10th Grade, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, Shaley Cross, 11th Grade, and Jordyn Jackson, 12th Grade.

Thank you to the Harrison Kiwanis Club for providing prizes for the recipients.  Thank you to Mrs. Monique Thomas for recording our assemblies today. 

K-3 October Bears of the Month / Terrific Kids are: Second Grade: Allie Wheeler, Kindergarten: Isaac Flud, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, and Third Grade: Annabelle Courtney.  Not pictured is First Grade: Ava Middleton.

4-8 October Bears of the Month / Terrific Kids are: Fourth Grade: Katelyn Williams, Fifth Grade: Hudson Case, Sixth Grade: Lucas Kelly, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal, Seventh Grade: Sadey Woods, and Eighth Grade: Trayton Cross.  

9-12 October Bears of the Month / Terrific Kids are: Ninth Grade: Jazmin Roulain, Mr. Billy Carter, Principal; Tenth Grade: Alexis Henson, and Eleventh Grade: Gra ce Bradshaw.  Not pictured is Twelfth Grade: Carlee Smothers.  


Congratulations to the team of Tate Dixon from Western Grove and Ross Grinder from St. Joe for placing in the Arkansas Youth Bass Nation Tournament on Table Rock Lake. (7th place).

Jacob Campbell and Allec Ricketts also participated in the tournament.  

Kendall Smith and Kelton WIlson from BP also participated in the tournament. (27th Place out of 49).

Click here for their pictures from the tournament. 

Photos courtesy of the families of the boys.  

Click here to access the website.  If you have issues getting in, please contact Ms. Marshall at mmarshall@omsd.k12.ar.us.  

Click here for the link to Mrs. Carol Gilley's filling out the FAFSA video. Seniors may start the FAFSA on October 1, 2021, or after. 

Counselor's Webpage (New one will be launched soon).  Seniors go to theSenior Scholarship Website in the announcements tab for scholarship and financial aid information. 

Ozark Mountain School District is on Facebook.

Western Grove School is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Western Grove School Twitter Handle:  @WGHSWarriors  

Western Grove School Technology Tool Site

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Click here for the 2021-22 Student Handbook.  

Students are not allowed on campus before 7:30 am. 

The office is open from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm.

All schools in OMSD will be providing free school supplies to all this year. 

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Click here to access the Titan School Solutions site.  You will have to make an account before your first use. After the account is made, you may use that link to login into your account.   You may still pay with cash or check at the school.  There is a $3 charge each time this system is used.

Snow routes mean paved roads ONLY.  If you have any questions, contact your child's bus driver for more information about your specific route.  The implementation of snow routes will be announced on REMIND, local TV news and their websites, radio, Facebook, and Twitter.

Individual campuses may or may not have office personnel around.  If you need anything, you may call the central office at 870-439-2218.  There will be someone there daily.